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ZRS Voter Initiative

ZRS Management is now giving all of its associates paid time off to vote on Election Day. We believe that everyone has a voice, and that everyone is equal when we vote. ZRS has joined and supports "Time to Vote", a non-partisan group of companies all pledging to provide paid time off to all their employees to encourage them to exercise their privilege of voting. We will be investing corporate time and resources to help all of our associates register to vote over the next couple of months, and we are also donating $20,000 to "Fair Elections Center", to help drive voter registrations everywhere. Striving to increase voter registration and voter turnout is not a partisan effort -- we encourage our associates to vote their conscience, vote their mind, vote for the change they want, vote to exercise their full rights as citizens. Our campaign starts now, and we hope to see other multifamily companies join us in this effort.

ZRS Stands Against Inequality

Once again, sadly, we have been reminded of the shortcomings of our society. While another shocking example of police brutality has brought a swell of important protests around the country, it has also shone a light on the inequalities and divisions that continue to be with us. It has been all too convenient to ignore this profound unfairness in our daily lives until something horrifying forces us to confront it.

At ZRS, we believe Black lives matter and we support the protesters demanding a better future. I feel a deep sadness that we have many ZRS associates who experience marginalization and discrimination due to systemic racism. I believe that decency and fairness have always been core values of our company, but I also know that there is more we can do. We are committed to taking a hard look at our business practices and making lasting and impactful changes.

A Decade of ZRS

As the new decade starts, we reflect on the memories, success, and growth of the past ten years that have led us to today. In 2010, ZRS Management became a standalone third-party management company. Prior to that we served as the in-house management provider for ZOM Living USA, where we managed 17,204 units with 403 team members.

The decision to focus on third-party management enabled ZRS to provide uncompromising boutique property management services, for the nation’s top asset management and ownership groups. Since this change, we have been honorably recognized as one of the top 50 property management companies by the National Multifamily Housing Council. Today, we proudly manage 50,118 units with 1,150 team members strong.

Over the past decade we’ve worked with powerful partners that contributed to ZRS’ success: RealPage, Spherexx, Apartment Guide, CORT Furniture, and Benson Media. These are some of the partners that we’ve carefully chosen to help grow our brand as well as theirs -- we only work with people that share the same vision of creating an impact.

This is due to the fact that we are constantly thinking, "how can we be better?"

We've implemented the best technology, created incredible living spaces, and reworked internal processes to maximize efficiency and to give us the ability to operate at a high level.

There is one thing that we've become great at — people.

We realized very quickly in order to grow as quick as we did, that we needed to focus on people first. We partner only with clients that share the same excitement as us for design and innovation. Our team members are carefully selected because of their unique personalities and persistence of resident satisfaction. People have become ZRS' best investment, so much so that we've been recognized in 2020 as Top Workplaces by Multifamily Leadership for the fourth year in a row.

None of these accomplishments would be possible without the support of our entire team. 

“We are incredibly fortunate for the people that have stood with us since day one. Without their dedication, our team would not be as strong without thinking about who they work with daily. ZRS’ relentless pursuit in satisfaction is the driver in which we have succeeded and will continue to do so for the next ten years. This is the reason our culture is unlike any in the industry.” – Jeremy Brown, Vice President of Marketing

To all of our partners and team members, we are forever grateful for your trust in ZRS. As we reflect on this decade of success, we know that this momentum will be carried into the next. 


ZRS Management Announces PetScreening Partnership

Screening Platform Introduced at 150 Communities, 50,000 Apartment Homes

CHARLOTTE – Oct. 4th, 2019 – PetScreening, a first-of-its-kind screening platform that empowers property managers to outsource their pet risk assessment and assistance animal validation processes at no charge, today announced it has partnered with ZRS Management to implement its platform at more than 50,000 apartment homes spanning 150 communities.  

ZRS Management is an Orlando, Florida-based third-party management company that oversees apartment communities in six states (Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Virginia and Maryland/Washington D.C.). ZRS Management piloted the PetScreening platform and the phased rollout receiving started.

“The ability to properly screen pets and verify assistance animal documentation is becoming increasingly paramount in the rental housing industry,” said Jackie Impellitier, vice president of operations at ZRS Management. “Leaving these matters to chance leaves apartment communities at risk for liability and lost pet revenue, and we’re thrilled to adopt the PetScreening platform at more than 150 of our communities to ensure all pets and their owners are properly screened. The platform will also serve as a timesaver for our onsite teams and remove them from any pet-related disputes, as PetScreening will handle each animal-related request.”

Under the PetScreening platform, a pet-owning applicant pays a nominal fee at the time they apply for a rental home and enters information about their specific pet(s) into the only centralized pet-screening database to analyze rental housing-related risk. The platform weighs various pet-related factors, including a community’s specific restrictions, such as breed, weight and age. This serves as a streamlined way to comprehensively assess a specific pet and pet owner who wants to live in a rental property.

Each pet profile also reflects animal-related incidents that property managers record and report while a pet is living in their community. Examples include pet/animal bites, property damage or any owner issues, such as repeat noise complaints, off-leash offenders or failure to pick up pet waste. These registered incidents will follow the pet/animal and its owner in perpetuity so that the next property manager can review the incident log and use it at their discretion. Learn more about the platform at

“We’re thrilled to become a partner with ZRS Management, and we know their onsite teams are excited to utilize the platform to handle their pet-related processes, some of which can be time consuming and labor intensive,” said Pat Patterson, Director of Multifamily for PetScreening. “Offering the most pet-friendly and pet-accountable experience makes life at an apartment community more enjoyable not only for residents, but for onsite team members, as well. We look forward to teaming with ZRS and helping their communities mitigate liability, heighten resident accountability and increase pet-related revenue.”


About PetScreening

PetScreening™ helps property managers and housing providers manage residents' pets and assistance animals for free while generating more opportunities for pet-related revenue. The proprietary screening platform adds an additional layer of liability protection by having a standardized process when dealing with household pets and assistance animals. It also helps with assistance animal accommodation request validation through a comprehensive legal and FHAct/HUD guideline review process. The end result for each pet application is a Pet Profile with FIDO Score™ based on pet specific information such as breed, pictures, weight, vaccination records, and behaviors.


About ZRS Management

ZRS Management LLC, formed in 1991, manages high quality multifamily communities. ZRS is a stand-alone third-party management company, without any direct ownership or development conflicts. ZRS is a NMHC Top 50 manager and currently manages 50,000 units for various institutional clients, partnerships, and individual owners. The company maintains its headquarters in Orlando with regional offices in Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Chicago. For additional information, visit


500 Harbour Island

Tampa Bay Business Journal:  ZRS awarded contract to manage 500 Harbour Island, a preeminent community in Tampa, Florida.

2019 NMHC Top 50 Managers

ZRS Management, LLC earned national recognition today by making the National Multifamily Housing Council's (NMHC) 2019 NMHC 50, the annual ranking of the nation's largest apartment owners, managers, developers, builders and syndicators. ZRS Management, LLC is the 32nd apartment Manager in the country, with 46,125 managed units.

2018 NMHC Top 50 Managers

ZRS Management, LLC earned national recognition today by making the National Multifamily Housing Council's (NMHC) 2018 NMHC Top 50, the annual ranking of the nation's largest apartment owners, managers, developers, builders and syndicators.

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The 2016 NMHC 50 - Managers

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